Band Members (Continued)

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Carl Williams

Carl Williams is the youngest of the ten Williams Family children.  Absorbing from the talent pool of his nine older siblings, Carl is an outstandingly smooth rhythm and lead guitar player, and lends his voice to many of the family's tight harmony vocals.  Carl is blessed with fine tenor voice and often sings lead vocals with a Vince Gill-type quality.  He and his lovely wife Kandi have five children and live in the Byron Center area.

Mary (Williams) Marker keeps the family 'on time' with her upright doghouse bass.  As steady and creative a bass player as can be found, she also sings beautiful harmony vocals - as well as crystal-clear lead vocals on many songs.  She and her husband Eddie live in a Michigan Centennial Farm near Byron Center - owned by the Marker family for over 100 years. Their daughter Ellie and her husband Travis have blessed them with a grandson and granddaughter.